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Across the 50 years of Commercial Radio, a few stations chose to air jingle packages that broke the mold of the average jingle package below are some great examples.

IMPORTANT – Please check back as more packages will be added as Radio Jingles Online will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Commercial Radio for the next 20 days (ending 27th October)

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NEW: Box Projects Mini Mix #1 – Andover Sound (2008) (Custom)

NEW: Sharpsell London Mini Mix #4 – Fresh Radio ‘Yorkshire’ (2005) (Custom)

NEW: Freeway Music Mini Music #1 – Galaxy 102 ‘Manchester’ (2002) (Custom)

NEW: Octagon Music Mini Mix #1 – Hallam FM (1999) (Custom)

NEW: Box Projects Mini Mix #2 – Newbury Sound (2008) (Custom)

NEW: Soundhouse Mini Mix #1 – Radio Forth RFM (1990) (Custom)

NEW: David Cousins & Mike Jones Mini Mix #1 – South West 103 (1990) (Custom)

NEW: Sharpsell London Mini Mix #1 – Tower FM (1999) (Custom)