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Below is a fantastic selection of demos from Thompson Creative (all demo are downloadable!)

For more information about any of the packages below, please contact Chris Stevens at Thompson Creative on (214) 814-5209 or [email protected]

Also, Thompson Creative are offering T-Cuts (Non Broadcast Use Jingles) – full details can be found here

**All audio is downloadable – enjoy**

All material copyright © Thompson Creative a Music Oasis company

Alternate Mix (Lyrics)

Amber Radio (Lyrics)

Atlanta’s 94Q (Lyrics)

B-96 Beat (Lyrics)

B-96 Blaster (Lyrics)

California Country (Lyrics)

Capitol Z (Lyrics)

Chicago’s Best Oldies (Lyrics)

Chicago’s Dance Beat B-96 (Lyrics)

Chicago’s Light

Chicago’s Oldies (Lyrics)

Classic Country (Lyrics)

Crossfade (Lyrics)

Dallas Mix (Lyrics)

Dallas Mix 2 (Lyrics)

Different Kiss (Lyrics)

Double Image (Lyrics)

FM100% (Lyrics)

Good Time Oldies (Lyrics)

Higher Roller (Lyrics)

Holly Days (Lyrics)

Hot ‘N Kool K-102 (Lyrics)

Hot Mix (Lyrics)

Joy FM (Lyrics)

K-102 K (Lyrics)

K-102 Now (Lyrics)

Kick-Ass Country (Lyrics)

Kiss Country (Lyrics)

KS95 (Lyrics)

KS59 2005

KXOJ Christian Music (Lyrics)

KZLA Country (Lyrics)

LA’s Christian Radio (Lyrics)

Lite 2000 Memories (Lyrics)

Lite FM (Lyrics)

Lite Touch KOIT (Lyrics)

More Lite Touch

New Country K-102 (Lyrics)

Nobody Plays More Country

Orlando 2 (Lyrics)

Orlando 3 (Lyrics)

Orlando’s Hottest Country (Lyrics)

Pittsburgh’s Variety (Lyrics)

Pittsburgh’s Variety 2 (Lyrics)

Positive Variety

Pure Magic (Lyrics)

San Antonio’s Hot New Country (Lyrics)

Seattle Portland (Lyrics)

Tampa Bay’s Greatest Hits (Lyrics)

The Edge (Lyrics)

The K-102 Sequel (Lyrics)

The KLTY Package (Lyrics)

The Rhythm Of Boston (Lyrics)

The River

The Wolf (Lyrics)

The Wolf Pack (Lyrics)

The Word FM (Lyrics)

Today’s Best Mix

Today’s Best Variety KS95 (Lyrics)

Today’s Christian Music WMHK (Lyrics)

Today’s Country K-102 (Lyrics)

W4 Country (Lyrics)

Way Cool (Lyrics)

Wildfire (Lyrics)

W-Lite (Lyrics)

WRBS – Good News (Lyrics)

WRBS – Uplifting & Encouraging (Lyrics)

Y100 Country (Lyrics)